Children are at GREATER RISK of developing coeliac disease if their parents or siblings have the disease

Kristina struggled to get her daughter tested

Kristina has coeliac disease, so she knew her daughter, Ashley, was at risk too. When her daughter began showing symptoms, including strange behavioural patterns, Kristina suspected coeliac disease.

But getting Ashley screened was difficult. It took years for Ashley’s diagnosis to be confirmed, and lots of unnecessary suffering.

Join us today to make testing children for coeliac disease more accessible! Early diagnosis will help provide a healthier future for children like Ashley.

We need a national coeliac disease screening clinic

Coeliac disease is in the genes, so children should be screened regularly if they have a close relative with coeliac disease - even if they have no symptoms.

If children are screened and diagnosed early it will improve their quality of life and they hopefully won’t suffer from osteoporosis in their 20s and 30s and won’t live through their teenage years with low iron and fatigue which can also affect their education.

We urgently need to test all children of Coeliacs!

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Coeliac Disease is hereditary

Many parents don’t know to push for screening. Some children may not present with any symptoms at all and still be diagnosed with coeliac disease.

GPs may not be aware that symptoms in children, such as iron deficiency, can be a coeliac disease symptom.

We need to work collaboratively with GPs and as an urgent priority, we need to test high risk children with family history.

What Coeliac Disease can do to kids if not treated...

Lifetime of gastrointestinal problems
Stunts growth
Behavioural problems
3x more risk of getting MS, osteoporosis and cancer

Coeliac disease can also affect children’s ability to learn, and many don’t continue onto university.

Adults can also go through life undiagnosed, experiencing symptoms such as fertility and miscarriage problems, and may not realise that Coeliac disease is the cause.

No one wants their children to go through this! Especially when we know it can be prevented through early diagnosis and better screening.

YES, I support a coeliac disease screening clinic to protect children!

Add my name now and push for all Australians at high risk of developing coeliac disease, especially children to get screened early in life. And help save them from serious long term health issues.

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